BIT UCSC Semester 1, Saturdays - Weekly detailed schedule (for November)

Starting on 02nd November, 2019 at Premier Study Center, Summerset College - Maharagama

BIT classes are cancelled until further notice due to the covid virus outbreak in the country. Class restarting dates will be notified in this page.
Date Morning
9.00 am - 12.30 pm
1.00 pm - 05.00 pm
04th Jan. Computer Systems
Evolution & Architecture of Computer
Personal Computing
Libre Office Writer (Session 1)
11th Jan. Programming
Introduction to Programming and Java Language
Introductory Mathematics
Number theory & sets
18th Jan. Computer Systems
Representing Data in Computer
Personal Computing
Libreoffice Calc (Session 1)
25th Jan. Programming
Structured Solution Design using Flow charts & Psudo code)
Introductory Mathematics
Basic Algebra
01st Feb. Computer Systems
Boolean Algebra (Session 1)
Personal Computing
Libreoffice Calc (Session 2)
08th Feb. No class due to Poya holiday
15th Feb. Programming
Structured Programming in Java (Variables, data types & operators)
Introductory Mathematics
Basic Algebra
22nd Feb. Computer Systems
Boolean Algebra (Session 2)
Personal Computing
Libreoffice Impress
29th Feb. Programming
Structured Programming in Java (Control Structures)
Introductory Mathematics
Fundamentals of Measurements
07th March Computer Systems
Digital Circuit Design
No Class in the evening session

14th March Programming
Structured Programming in Java (Arrays & methods)
Introductory Mathematics
Ratios and Percentages

Rest of the weekly schedule will be published later.

Semester 1 exams will be scheduled on June, 2020

More time is allocated to relatively complex or bigger subjects

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