Smart Student

Attributes of a Smart Student


Have a Clear Vision
  • Have long-term career objectives.
  • Take responsibility of success or failure.

Select the Right Subjects
  • Select right stream/field and right subjects to study.
  • Right subjects are something (1) You like, (2) You are good at (3) More beneficial for your life & career.

Mange Rather Than Just Doing
  • Plan -> Organize -> Lead -> Control
  • Have a high level plan for studies.
  • Organize resources like syllabus, notes, past papers, other online resources, etc..
  • Lead the learning rather than waiting for someone to push
  • Execute it like a marathon run, not as a 100m sprint.
  • Allocate more time for more challenging subjects/topics.

Understanding is The Key
  • Have courage to see the whole (big picture) of subjects and concepts.
  • Use mind maps to visualize and verify understanding.
  • Acquire right skills and competencies while gather knowledge.

Know How to Remember Things
  • Know how the human memory works.
  • Do active studying like draw mind map and solve problems rather than passive memorizing.
  • Tryout things practically where possible.
  • Always verify the knowledge rather than assuming to be understood.

Importance of Productivity
  • Think of quality over quantity.
  • Do not work hard, but work smart.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Identify "extremely important", "very important" and "important" from the available information.
  • Do not engage in too many "work in progress (WIP)" tasks at a time (Humans are not good at multi-tasking).
  • Start and finish things rather than keeping things "Work in progress (WIP)" for too long.
  • Know that you are more productive when you are relaxed, than stressed near deadlines.
  • Know how to do effective google search.
  • Know how to ask questions in forums.
  • Do not get distracted by confusing/wrong explanations by inferior sources/teachers.
  • Do not watch junks rubbish on TV.

Critical Thinker
  • Never accept ANYTHING for granted.
  • Accept that you do not know EVERYTHING.
  • Think extra yard beyond others.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Do not believe in superstitious myths like astrology.
  • Do not seek help from super natural powers.
  • Do not afraid to challenge, if you do not agree. (At the same time humble to accept if you were wrong.).
  • Do not hurry to know 'How'? rather first ask 'What'? and 'Why'? , and then look for 'How'?
  • Do NOT ask 'why?' just ONCE. Ask 'why?' SEVERAL TIMES till get the ROOT CAUSE.
  • Do not hurry to come to conclusions, rather stay with the problem a little longer and think extra yard beyond others.

Good Attitude
  • Be positive.
  • Help others.
  • Be humble to seek help from others.
  • Respect others.
  • Quick to accept mistakes and correct it.
  • Aim to serve and improving the society, rather than being merely a 'BIG' person.

  • Be punctual.
  • Know the limits of freedom.

  • Know own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set reasonable but high goals.
  • Know what is understood and not.
  • Keep track of percentage of syllabus covered and ready.

  • Has an overall plan, but make adjustments in accordance with reality.
  • Willing to change their beliefs.

Take Care of You
  • Care own health.
  • Care own nutrition (quality and not quantity).
  • Having a good night sleep (at least 8 hours).
  • Exercise regularly and engage in sports or any other physical activities.

Great Finisher (Show the colors)
  • Take exams/tests as challenges.
  • Precise in presenting answers.
  • Do not take intermediary/term tests too seriously, rather more focus on ultimate target exams.
  • Do not use exams to practice, rather practice beforehand and go to exams/tests.
  • Celebrate your success.

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