Effective Education

Expected Outcome

  • Positive attitude
  • Intelligence
  • Competencies having demand
  • Critical & logical thinking
  • Excellence & Quality
  • Productivity
  • High moral values
  • Ethical
  • Respect & Empathy
  • Engage only in legal acts
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Attributes of Effective Education

  • Objectives-based (rather than mere exams & certificate oriented).
  • Student centric rather than teacher centric.
  • Facilitate explore knowledge instead of spoon feeding facts & theory.
  • Build competencies through activity-based learning.
  • Facilitate continuous self-evaluation.
  • Build ethical & professional learning environment.
  • Provide leadership opportunities.
  • Focus on quality & not quantity.
  • Encourage to strive for excellence.
  • Build effective communication skills.
  • Build team work (as oppose to study in isolation).
  • Continuous improvement of the education process.
  • Plan & prepare for the future.
  • Innovation with new technologies.
  • Make education more affordable & accessible.
Professional for globalisation

Features of Modern Student Evaluation System

  • Check the understanding, and NOT the memory.
  • Evaluate if one can apply the knowledge to practical situations.
  • Test the ability to handle complexities.
  • Check the intellectual capacity.
  • Check the attitude.
  • Examination questions/assignments must be interesting & challenging, rather than induce stress and dullness.
  • Answers must have the room for imagination and own opinions. (Discussion type questions.)
  • Questions/problems must be future oriented.
  • Examination papers & assignments must be proof read for 0% errors.
  • Unbiased professional evaluation.
  • Do NOT test outdated facts.
  • Do NOT expect exact points mentioned in a reference or text books.
  • Have room for alternative valid points.
  • In exams, do NOT restrict students from accessing books or internet. (Exam environment must be similar to real working environment.)
Balance and justice

Attributes of Miseducation

  • Exams centric.
  • Teacher centric.
  • Test student's memory.
  • Focus on quantity.
  • Does not promote critical thinking.
  • Often under the influence of religions.
  • Try to eliminate education opportunities by various undue hurdles.
  • Allow violance like ragging.
  • Produce people with no real demand to the society or industry.
Puppet of the society

Results of Right Education Vs. Miseducation

  •   Have high value & demand in open and competitive society.

      Have little value demand in open and competitive society.

  •   Critical thinkers & change the future direction of the society.

      Follow the popular opinions & traditions.

  •   Have employability & opportunities anywhere in the world.

      Have little or no employability & opportunities outside the country.

  •   Help creating more career & business opportunities in the field.

      Try to close opportunities & create barriers to enter in to the field.

  •   Do not rely on government or politicians.

      Rely on the government for survival.

Puppet of the society

Alber Einstein

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

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