We are now living in the Information technology era, and heading for the knowledge era. Therefore, Information & Communication Technology (ICT or commonly called IT) field is the driving force for today and for the next few decades. It has development in both social and business areas. Being a dynamic and highly demanding field. it requires specific set of skills and competencies to build a successful career in IT. However due to vast diversity in careers the prerequisites vary slightly for the discipline area. Here we discuss the general set of hard and soft skills in common.

Features of IT field

  • Driving force of the current era.

  • Solve problems and increase effectiveness and efficiency of the current systems.

  • Vast diversity of opportunities available

  • Mixture of engineering and business aspects.

  • Invariably IT concepts and technologies are still being matured.

  • Mostly loved & seek after by younger generation.

  • Open field.

What does IT field expect from IT professionals (in general)

  • Strong analytical and problem solving attitude and skills.

  • Can do hands on tasks involving one or many aspects of manage, analysis, design, develop and troubleshooting.

  • Being an open field, IT industry and private sector in general looks for talent and not certificates.

  • Willingness to learn and adapt (and of course enjoy) fast changing technologies.

  • Take up challenges and handle complexity.

  • Have good business related skills.

  • Have good soft skills.

  • Team players.

What you should acquire to build a successful career in IT?

  • Gather what the industry demands (listed above).

  • Have your specific goals/paths in mind and adjust and concentrate more on specific skill sets required.

  • Good academic and/or professional programs are designed to build the above mentioned skills and it is the responsibility of the students to acquire those during the studies.

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