• Provide support in selected mathematics concepts/topics for those involve in higher studies (BIT, BSc, Engineering or MBA's) in professional/degree level programs.
  • Skill gap filling/help understanding mathematical concepts.
  • Fast track interactive revision/past paper discussions for those involve self studies.

Required skills/competencies:

  • You have passion for mathematics and logical thinking.

Topics to learn

  • Algebra, functions and graphs theory (One or two 4h sessions depending on the depth required.)
  • Sets and logic (Typically require two 4h sessions)
  • Calculus - concepts, differentiation, integration (Typically require two to three 4h sessions)
  • Advanced probability and statistics (Typically require two 4h sessions)
  • Matrices and linear algebra (Typically require one or two 4h sessions depending on the depth required.)
  • Vectors (Typically require one or two 4h sessions)

Course Fees (Per session of 4 hours)

  • Rs 1500/= for one student.
  • Rs 1000/= for each student for group of two or more students.

Course Lecturer/Instructor

An engineer/ Lecturer having wealth of teaching experience for teaching mathematics at degree level.
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Class Schedule

Individual or small group sessions can be arranged by calling 0719 842030.

Course Contact (Nalaka)

  • Phone: 0719 842030

  • Email: nalaka@auroracs.lk

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