BIT registration for 2015/16 is NOT yet opened, and it will be opened in October. You need to follow these steps once registrations are opened.
  • 1. Visit the and read the instructions.Not yet available
  • 2. Below that page click on "download application" link or visit this link.Link is not yet available
  • 3. You need to fill up the on-line form and click next.

    Application form should be filled only in the English medium and using block capital letters.

    Here its If you can not fill your name in Sinhala or Tamil, just fill that also in English. You need to use Unicode characters to fill those two fields. In case you have problem a tool like "Google input tool" may help to get the name type in Sinhala/Tamil.
  • 4. In the next page fill in your contact details and click next.
  • 5. In the following page enter your entry education qualifications as "A/L", "FIT" or "Other" accordingly.
  • 6. In the next page enter your A/L results.

    Those enter through FIT, it is optional to enter A/L results.

    Those doing/having done A/L this year just enter year as 2015 and “Pending” for the grade.
  • 7. In the next page select the district (Nearest or preferred district center to attend for official interactions with BIT registrations/exams)
  • 8. In the next page enter your employment details (optional).
  • 9. In the next page you can review all the data entered. Make sure you tick the "deceleration section" in the bottom and submit.
  • 10. In the next section select "manual payment" and submit.
  • 11. In the next page you will see two buttons to download pdf files;

    (a) Your application form with entered data

    (b) Payment vouchers
  • 12. Take printout of those two forms
  • 13. Make sure you get the application form signed/attested by a “justice of peace (JP)” or relevant person mentioned in the registration instructions.

    The signature of the applicant should be attested by any one of the following persons: Head or Retired Head of a Government/Director Managed approved school, Grama Niladhari of the Division, Justice of Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Commissioned Officer of the armed forces, Staff Officer of Govt./ Corporation, the Chief Incumbent of a Buddhist Vihara, A religious Dignitary of standing of any other religion.
  • 14. Fill up all four payment slips and do the payment to any branch of People’s Bank . The bank will keep two of the copies and handed back two copies to you. One of the copy labeled as "Student copy" is for your reference.
  • 15. The attested application form together with the bank sealed/signed payment voucher (labeled as "EDC copy") and photocopies of your certificate for A/L results (not relevant for students with pending results) must be either mailed by registered post or manually handed over to BIT office.

    Postal/Manual submission address:
    Coordinator, External Degrees Centre (EDC) of UCSC,
    Dharmapala Mawatha,
    Colombo 7.

    Please write “Application form for Diploma in Information Technology of the Bachelor of Information Technology Degree Programme 2014” in the top left corner of the envelope containing the application form.
  • 16. After some time BIT office will call/mail you for an interview to confirm your certificate and other details. After the confirmation they will officially register you for the BIT.
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