• Q: What is BIT?

    A: It is bachelor degree program in Information Technology offered by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC).

  • Q: How long will it take to complete?

    A: Minimum of three years.

  • Q: Should I learn for BIT full time?

    A: No, you can do it part time while working.

  • Q: What is the standard of BIT-UCSC degree?

    A: BIT-UCSC degree keeps very high standards. The syllabus is frequently updated in line with the technology/industry trends. In fact, the standard of BIT degree is way above the standards of the most of the foreign degrees offered in Sri Lanka.

  • Q: Is BIT hard to pass?

    A: No and Yes. If you have positive attitude towards IT and problem solving mindset, commitment, fallow the basics and get the correct guidance, it is not hard.

  • Q: I am not very good in English, will it affect successfully completing BIT?

    A: All the course materials and exams are in English. We @ aurora conduct classes (especially Semester 1 classes) in simple English (and mixture of Sinhalese when needed) to make you fell comfortable from day one. Learning BIT in English medium will help fast improving your English as well since communication skills is one of the module in semester 1.

  • Q: What is the difference between BIT and a BSc degree?

    A: Science degree is a general degree offered for various fields, BIT is specialized degree targeting Information Technology field. The difference is much like difference between science degree vs engineering degree. In short, BIT is professional job oriented degree than theoretical oriented.

  • Q: What is the total cost of doing BIT?

    A: BIT is the most affordable IT degree program in Sri Lanka. This is possible because the government bear part of the cost of running the BIT degree by UCSC. For all three years, it will only cost roughly Rs 42 000/= for university fee. At aurora, it will cost Rs. 20 000/= per semester (all together 6 semesters) and in the future, we are planning to get the semester fee further reduced.

  • Q: If I could not fully complete BIT, will my effort be wasted?

    A: No, After completing modules for the first year, you will be awarded “Diploma in IT” and after second year, “Higher Diploma in IT”. Successful completion of third year will earn you the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree. So you have flexible exit points in case of practical difficulties.

Am I eligible?

  • Q: I do my A/L in 2016.Can I still register for BIT?

    A: Yes, if you are confident that you will get the minimum required result (Minimum three passes) in any stream, you can still register and attend the classes. UCSC have provided facility for you to register in provisional basis and confirm it once your A/L results are released.


  • Q: What is the deadline for registration for BIT @ UCSC?

    A: site will publish the registration details in September/October. The deadline for the registration will be end of January 2017 so that students doing AL in 2016 have got the results by that time.

  • Q: How can I register for BIT @ UCSC?


    Approach 1:
    Student himself can register for BIT online and do necessary payments to the bank and manually submit or post the printed forms and payment vouchers to External Degrees Centre of UCSC. Student may attend the classes at Aurora in parallel. (Registration is not yet open)

    Approach 2:
    Student Come to Aurora study center and do online registration at our premises as part of registration for semester 1 course (UCSC registration fee of of Rs 1000/= must be additionally paid). Aurora proceed the registration at UCSC on behalf of the student.

Exams related

  • Q: If I fail in some modules, can I still proceed to the next semester?

    A: As long as you have scored the year GPA of minimum 1.5, you may proceed to subjects in next semester and re-sit for failed subjects in parallel.

  • Q: Should I take all modules per semester at the same time?

    A: It is not a must; there is flexibility to take few subjects at a time. But it will take more time to complete the BIT degree.

BIT @ Aurora

  • Q: Is Aurora Computer Studies accredited by UCSC ?

    A: UCSC do not accredit any of the institutes conducting classes for BIT. However, UCSC lists the institutes with considerable intakes in site. You can find the list here. You will also find Aurora Computer Studies listed in the BIT- Student Hand Book under "Training Institutes" (section 12).

  • Q: Can I get an idea of past results of students following BIT@Aurora?

    A: Refer Institute Analysis section of the website and our institute is included in the last year's institute analysis .

  • Q: For how long has Aurora Computer Studies been conducting classes for BIT ?

    A: We have been conducting classes for BIT degree since 2012 (For past 5 years.)

  • Q: Does Aurora conduct classes for all six semesters of BIT

    A: YES. In fact, we are one of the rare case having more students in higher semesters.

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