Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) University of Colombo (UCSC) Degree


× Sem 5 classes starting on 01 st December,2017 at kirulapone (Colombo 6).

Class Schedule for Semester 1 (BIT 2018 batch)

Semester 1 (Saturdays)

Saturdays (9.00 am – 4.30 pm)
Starting on 18 th November, 2017
At Premier Study Center (Summerset College - Maharagama).

Detailed weekly schedule..

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Class Schedule for Semester 3 (2018 batch)

Semester 3 (Sundays)

Sundays (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)
Starting on 26 th November, 2017
At Premier Study Center (Summerset College - Maharagama).

Detailed weekly schedule..

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Class Schedule for Semester 5 (2018 batch)

Semester 5 (Holidays)

Holidays (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)
Starting on 01 st December, 2017
At City Study Center (Summerset College - kirulapone (Colombo 6)).

Detailed weekly schedule..

For more details call 071 984 2030

Class fees @ Aurora

  • Total fee for those attending all the subjects:

      Rs 20 000/= per semester (Rs 10,000/= + Rs 5000/= x 2) | No registration fees

  • Fee per subjects for those attending selected subjects:

      Rs 5 000/= per subject.

  • 25% discount for each for group registration of 2 or more students.

Course Details

A three year bachelor degree offered by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka.

3 Years (or levels) / 6 semesters (4-5 months per semester)

Entry Requirements
Pass (local or foreign) G.C.E. (A/L) 3 passes (for main subjects) in any subject stream (in one sitting) AND pass O/L with minimum 3 credits including credits for Maths and English in G.C.E (O/L)
Pass (local or foreign) G.C.E. O/L with minimum 3 credits including credits for Maths and English AND Pass in FIT–UCSC.
Has obtained any other academic qualification deemed equivalent by the Senate AND has passed a selection test.

*Note: Students with pending A/L results may also register on condition that their successful results are submitted after the release of A/L results.
*Note: Students with compatible results in international O/L and A/L qualifications can also apply.
*Note: Students already following or planning to register for internal degree course in state universities may also do BIT degree in parallel.
*Note: Students who have have not got the minimum required results for A/L can still qualify for BIT degree by passing the FIT exam.
Ref: Official entry criteria specified at BIT Student handbook(2017) @

How to register for BIT-UCSC?

Registration is now open on site.

Closing date of registration is 15 th December 2017 (Students who sat for A/L in 2017 and can also apply,)

Following link provide a mini guide on registration process.


Name Type Credits
Information Systems & Technology GPA 3
Computer Systems GPA 3
Web Application Development I GPA 3
Communication Skills Non-GPA 3
Introductory Mathematics Non-GPA 2
Personal Computing Non-GPA 2
Name Type Credits
Programming I GPA 4
Database Systems GPA 4
Mathematics for Computing I GPA 3
Systems Analysis & Design GPA 3
Name Type Credits
Web Application Development II GPA 4
Mathematics for Computing II GPA 3
Fundamentals of Software Engineering GPA 3
Object Oriented Analysis & Design GPA 3
User Interface Design GPA 3
Name Type Credits
Programming II GPA 4
Data Communication & Networks I GPA 3
Information Technology Project Management GPA 3
Rapid Software Development GPA 4
Name Type Credits
Professional Issues in IT GPA 3
Information Systems Security GPA 3
Computer Systems II GPA (Optional) 3
Software Development Project / Industrial Placement GPA 8
Fundamentals of Multimedia GPA (Optional) 3
Fundamentals of Management Non-GPA 2
Name Type Credits
Database Systems II GPA 3
Systems & Network Administration GPA 3
Middleware Architecture GPA (Optional) 3
e-Business Application GPA (Optional) 3
Software Development Project / Industrial Placement GPA 8
Introduction to Entrepreneurship Non-GPA 2

Why BIT ?

Earn an internationally recognized academic degree qualification from a reputed local university.

Facilitate post graduate studies (MPhil/MSc or MBA).

You may study part time while working.

versatile & up to date syllabus.

Flexible semester based study options.

Affordable course fees.

What we believe?

Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Quality is more important than quantity.

We value your time, and never waste it.

Education is a need, we make it affordable.

Our study model

Plan -> Organize -> Do

Relevant + Simple + Short + Clear

What? -> Why? -> How?

Analyze -> Synthesis -> Application

↓Memorize -> ↑Understand => ↑Happy

What we offer?

Compact & Optimized schedule

Agile sprint based studies

No nonsenses, just objective based, focused classes

High quality brain friendly printed study materials & past papers with E-learning (VLE) support

Highly interactive study environment (No passive one way spoon feeding)

Professional and friendly environment with air conditioned lecture rooms and computer labs.

Total Cost (UCSC and Aurora)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Application Processing (when applying) 1,000 1,000
Annual Registration 2,750 3,300 3,850 9,900
Examination fees (total) 12,600 13,500 14,400 40,500
Final Project evaluation fees 6,000 6,000
UCSC fees – Sub Total 16,350 16,800 24,250 57,400
Aurora class fees (per year / 2 semesters) 40,000 40,000 40,000 120,000
Total cost 56,350 56,800 64,250 177,400

The Result

True Professional

Course Contact (Nalaka)

  • The Course is coordinated by a professional software & web developer/designer having BSc (Eng.) & MSc (IT) qualification with over 10 years of industrial experience and over 6 years of teaching experience.

  • Phone: 0719 842030

  • Email:

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