Advanced Level (A/L) ICT

Upcoming Classes

 AL ICT (2018-Aug)
Revision class (English Medium)

Tuesdays (8.30 am - 1.30 pm)
Summerset College

Starting: 03 rd October, 2017
Mode: English medium
Fees: Rs 2000/= per month

 AL ICT (2018-Aug)
Revision class (Sinhala Medium)

Fridays (8.30 am - 1.30 pm)
Summerset College

Starting: 06 th October, 2017
Mode: Sinhala medium
Fees: Rs 2000/= per month

 AL ICT (2019-Aug)
Theory class (English Medium)

Fridays (3.00 pm - 5.00 pm)
Summerset College

Starting: 05 th May, 2017
Mode: English medium
Fees: Rs 1500/= per month

 AL ICT (2019-Aug)
Theory class (Sinhala Medium)

Thursdays (3.00 pm - 5.00 pm)
Summerset College

Starting: 04 th May, 2017
Mode: Sinhala medium
Fees: Rs 1500/= per month

For more details call 071 984 2030


Nalaka Gamage  Nalaka Gamage

MSc (IT) - Keele University, UK
BSc (Eng) - University of Moratuwa
Teaching Experience:
Over 5 years of experience in teaching for professional and academic courses including BIT degree of UCSC & BIT degree of UOM, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
Professional Experience
Over 7 years of experience playing the roles of Software Engineer, Technical Consultant & Solution Designer in top IT companies in Sri Lanka including Virtusa, John Keels Computer Systems(JKCS) and Industrial & Financial Systems (IFS).



  • You like to excel rather than just doing
  • You have a clear objective
  • You love challenges
  • You enjoy logical thinking & have an analytical mind
  • You hate spoon feeding & prefer guidance
  • You respect others


  • Planned, organised and result oriented rather than just doing it.
  • Language is just a tool we freely use alternative language for explanation.
    We know that mother tong (Sinhala) is close to your heart, but English is much brain friendly and open many resources.
  • The more you understand less to remember, & happier you are.
    Once you understand, you effortlessly remember it. Memorizing without understanding is a real pain for you.
  • We facilitate multiple modes for you to learn.
  • The less is more (quality, & not quantity).
    You understand & remember only the relevant essentials. No unnecessary junks in your head.


  • A/C class rooms with multimedia.
  • High quality brain friendly printed notes, past papers and model papers
    You do NOT come to the classes mere to take notes. You come to get the big picture, understand concepts, practice, share the experience, discuss/clarify problems & evaluate your understanding.
  • Have an interactive dialogue with students in the class
    We do not have a "Keep quiet & listen " culture. We love you question, get clarified or even sharing your opinions openly.
  • Use mind maps to get you the big picture
    Computers retain information in text format, but humans keep in pictorial format with contextual connections. So we treat you like true humans.
  • You get access to interactive E-learning system

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Who can do AL-ICT?
    A: Students from any field of study can do AL ICT as a core subject.
  • Q: Why should I do ICT?
    A: Either you are planning a career in IT/Computing or you think that knowledge & skills in ICT will highly benifitial for your future career/profession.
  • Q: Can I apply for AL exam for ICT in English medium while applying other subjects in Sinhala medium?
    A: Yes department of examination has not restricted, since same examination paper is used (with translation)it does not effect university entrance or other things.
  • Q: Should I have a very good English knowledge to follow AL-ICT in English medium?
    A: You need basic grammar knowledge and confidence, we conduct classes in simple English with some explanations in Sinhala where necessary.


 Why should you learn IT?

  • We live in the Information Era
  • IT professionals have higher critical thinking capacity
  • More & variety of jobs opportunities for IT
  • 7 out of top 14 wealthiest people are from IT field
  • Its so much challenging & fun
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