About Us


"To become the #1 in quality for academic and professional ICT education in Sri Lanka."

Our Values

  • Excellence/Quality of education is our #1 priority.
  • Professionalism and integrity.
  • Honesty in all interactions with students, academic and industrial partners.
  • Providing affordable educational opportunities for all.

We Believe

  • You are intelligent, we just facilitate and guide learning.
  • Innovation in teaching is in our blood lines.
  • Understanding is more important than remembering.
  • Passing exams is good, gathering the required skills on the way is better.
  • Studying must be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
  • Success and results of the students are our true advertisements.

Our Teaching Model

  • Excellence/Quality in lecturing.
  • Highly interactive dialog in the classes.
  • Focus on applications/practical aspects.
  • Provide high quality upto date printed study materials.
  • Supporting e-learning materials through Aurora Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • Continuous interactive two way dialogue through VLE forums and social media groups.
  • Conduct classes in rapid phase to the right depth.

Our Academic Panel

  • Qualified and experienced in real world IT environment
  • Teaching with passion
  • Result oriented
  • Dedicated and focused on needs of the students

Our Team (Co-founders)

Our Facilities

  • Professional and pleasant environment
  • Facilitate rich multimedia learning experience
  • Well supported by innovative e-learning resources
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